This mod highlights nearby chests so you can see them through walls. It’s based on a Wurst Client feature of the same name.

A screenshot showing all of the different containers that ChestESP supports


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  • Highlights different types of chests and other containers with colored boxes, colored lines, or both
  • See highlighted chests even when they are hidden behind other blocks
  • Useful for finding hidden dungeons, buried treasure, and secret player bases
  • Highly customizable with Cloth Config integration, allowing you to modify colors, styles, and which container types to show
  • Supports a wide variety of container types, including chests, trapped chests, ender chests, chest minecarts, barrels, shulker boxes, hoppers, hopper minecarts, droppers, dispensers, furnaces, blast furnaces, and smokers
  • Quickly toggle the entire mod with a keybind or through the settings menu
  • Lightweight and optimized for performance

Required Dependencies

ChestESP only works if the following other mods are also installed:

How to Use

Once installed, ChestESP will automatically highlight any nearby chests.

The mod also comes with an in-game settings menu that can be accessed through ModMenu.

A screenshot showing ChestESP’s settings menu, powered by Cloth Config

In the settings menu, you can:

  • Change the style of the highlights (boxes, lines, or both).
  • Customize the color of each container type.
  • Toggle on/off specific container types.
  • Enable/disable the entire mod.

Additionally, there’s a “Toggle ChestESP” entry in the Options > Controls > Key Binds menu that allows you to quickly enable/disable the mod at the press of a button. This feature is not bound to any key by default.

Supported Versions

At the moment, ChestESP only supports Fabric and is only available for Minecraft 1.20 - 1.19.4. Support for Forge and older Minecraft versions might be added in the future, depending on demand.